WORDS -By Abubakar D. Sani, Esq.

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Words. Words. Words
Without them – what a world!
Indeed, given their obvious value
Stripped of them, we’d be – well, inaudible


Not to mention incommunicado
For, as a means of expression
They are second to none
But, misuse them – and, you’re toast

This is certainly true
Of the vast majority
Of humanity,
With the sad exception of deaf-mutes

Words – spoken or written
Enemies of the taciturn
Friends of the loquacious
The quick-witted and the comic

Despite their utility
They (words, that is)
Have – somewhat surprisingly
Been targeted by even wordsmiths

Indeed; their greatest purveyors – no less
One of whom, famously compared them
To fruits; asserting that where they much abound
Little sense is to be found

For all of that, however,
Some of humanity’s greatest stars
Brightest lights and thinkers
Have been so-called ‘writers’

Even if – admittedly – a majority of them
Perhaps, as many as 6 in 10
Ply their trade
In the English language

But, this, more than anything else
Is probably down to Britain’s colonial past
For which English lingers
With understandable stubbornness

But is that really the case?
Is the status of English
As the world’s most widely-spoken language
More real than imagined?

Who can tell?
You could say – in terms of spread . . .
Yes – but, if you insist on empirical evidence
Well, you’d be at it for years

Whatever the medium, however
Words have teased, pleased
Hurt, provoked and healed
In equal measure? That’s another matter



Abubakar D. Sani, Esq.,
21st November, 2020


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