“When power meets power, there will be mutual respect” – Ozekhome Defends Amotekun

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Leading constitutional lawyer and Human Rights Activist, Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN, has vehemently disagreed with the government’s position relayed through the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, SAN, to the effect that the South West Regional Security Force called Amotekun is illegal.

Ozekhome argued that in a country of over 200 million people, it is impossible to expect a behemoth National police at the centre to police all the hooks and cranies of Nigeria.

Going further, he noted that his support and call for other regions of the country to set up their own regional security agencies is to prevent Nigerians from being overrun by external forces.

The Senior  Advocate said: “It is a good omen that the South West governors have finally seen the need to set up the much desired security outfit called Amotekun to protect their zone. It reminds me of the old Agbekoya of those days.

“Each geopolitical zone should now set up its own vigilante group, South South should do that, South East should do that, North West, North East and North Central should do that so as to prevent Nigerians from being overrun by external marauders and external forces.

“That is why over the years, there have been clamours for state police and local government policing. The federal government police at the centre, under sections 214, 215 of the constitution is no longer working, because the police at the centre are distant from the people they’re supposed to be policing, and the number is grossly inadequate.

“We need local policing by the local people who know their terrain and their needs. That is what the Amotekun has been set up to do now. With that each geopolitical zones protect itself from external aggression and external forces. At the end of the day the final solution is the breaking up of the Nigerian police at the centre, creating state police, creating local government police.

The right activist went further to state that “When power meets power, then there will be mutual respect. Mutual respect will come in when aggressors know that they will meet with equal force with the aggressee.”

“If an aggressor continues to come to your house to kill you, to maim you and he knows that you are helpless, he will continue, but if he knows that you are also ready, then that will repel them. That will serve as a lesson for others not to carry out unnecessary aggression. It’s a question of defending your home. There is nothing wrong in that.”

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