Treat Call for Review with Contempt – Prof. Ojukwu, SAN tells Supreme Court

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Legal luminary and former Director General of the Nigerian Law school, Prof. Ernest Ojukwu, SAN has urged the Supreme Court to treat the call for Review with the greatest contempt it deserve.

Prof Ojukwu was reacting to the current pressure on the Supreme  court to Review recent judgments on political leaders.

The legal luminary noted that the cases sought to be reviewed concern corrupt political leaders and not on matters of human rights “It is not good especially because these cases simply relate to the average Nigerian leaders’ dishonest struggle for power just to corruptly seize our resources for their selfish use. If the cases were matters concerning human rights of citizens, socio-economic issues or death penalty one would have had sympathy. Unfortunately the cases that are being championed for review are those concerning political leaders who have brought our nation down on her knees by their very corrupt model of election and governance.

Prof Ojukwu further said “These cases rather than help with rebuilding confidence in our judiciary as being propagated by some lawyers actually have a direct opposite effect of rediculing the judiciary and justice process.

“I think that the Supreme Court of Nigeria will and should treat these cases with the greatest contempt they deserve” he said

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2 Responses

  1. Jude says:

    I have not met Prof Ojukwu. He could not gave said it better. Politicians should remember that majority of Nigerians are not politicians and there is need to save the ordinary and innocent citizens of nigeria this none stop annoying deafening hoot. In most of the cases, two doggy thieving politicians are involved, and unfortunately one must outwitch the other. None of them had clean hands. Trying to use the Supreme Court to do their bidding is hypocritical.
    If Supreme Court gives in to this pressure, it would have ridiculed itself especially in the eyes of the international community. Those seeking justice should accept the outcome of judicial processes as a respect for rule of law. That’s democracy. In the absence of any sound legal footing for review, the decisions of the Supreme Court should remain supreme whether right or wrong. Reviewing a decision of Supreme Court means appealing against the decisions. If there is wrong principles established as a result of the decision in the current cases, the principles can be reviewed in future cases

  2. Marcel Duru says:

    Professor Ojukwu’s position can not be faulted. I will go a notch further in advising the apex Court to come down strongly on any senior counsel who got himself involved in these ridiculous applications. They are the ones goading the ignorant public to mock the Supreme Court in manners of ways!

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