The Other Face Of Feminism (Criticisms on gender equality/The inequality of sexes)

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ABSTRACT- ” Feminists are always on the notion of proselytizing the world to believing that women are being prejudiced and treated unfairly of their claimed inalienable rights in the society, which is indisputably wrong”-CHIDIEBERE OBI

“Men and women are not the-same and won’t be the-same but that doesn’t mean women won’t be treated fairly”-JORDAN PETERSON.

INTRODUCTION- The term “Equality of sexes or gender equality”, which was emanated and given a driven-force by feminists and women’s rights activists in the UNITES STATES OF AMERICA 1848, which seems as a global success due to it’s recognition by various judicial courts, and gargantuan approval around the world should be criticized stridently in particular aspects due to it’s various misunderstandings, breach of natural antecedent customs which when examined, were in no form harmful to the feminine gender.
By various misunderstandings, I mean those rights conferred on women both legal, political, economic and social to serve as an equal to man when in realistic sense, a woman is no equal nor a competitor to a man. History(always) discloses that women has always been dependent upon men, in various out-numbered aspects. like children, she needs special care.

Gender pay gap or gender wage gap is the average difference between the remuneration for men and women who are working. The gender pay gap has numerously been criticized by women who demands equal gender pay in working places having less or no thought that men are likely to work 70-80 hours a week, devotes most of their time in work, enacts extra/additional strength in menial jobs for the making up of his responsibilities as a father, and a head, in taking care of his woman(his wife) and children.
Women are most times not employed in working places due to the family crisis they have to deal with and because of the shortened time frame women have to contend with.
Asserting full rights to women in some aspects results to various breaches of natural order of things, such as the abolition of abortions which is inconsistent in the case of “ROE V WADE(1973)” granting women the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy based on an implicit fundamental right to privacy”.

*The equality of a man and a woman asserts that marriage would no longer mean to own someone’s body which has always been a traditional custom.

*When the two opposite genders are deemed equal in all aspects, a casual interaction with opposite gender may not be treated as a sign of affair.

*The equality of both genders in its biblical view has been precedently criticized regarding the subsequent creation of woman from the ribs of a man and appointing a woman as an aid to man and not his equal.

When equality of sexes becomes a law nurtured as a bill to mankind, divorce rights will sour, the fabric of our society would begin to unravel and as such, men’s inalienable position/respect as a head and not an equal to an alien-gender would diminish.

Equalizing the rights of genders is asking to over-turn the over-century of precedence in which even if you leave men and women to make their own choices, you won’t get an equal outcome.
Feminists(mostly women) are deemed selfish in their struggle to obtain equality and claimed rights forgetting that in many countries only men serve in the armed forces, and in most countries, only men are sent into direct combat.



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