The NBA (National) Welfare Committee COVID-19 Palliative To Young Lawyers Seems to be Taking Eternity: A Humble Reminder – By B.C Obilor Esq.

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It is scriptural that a mother cannot forget her sucking child. So also, the NBA National ought not to forget her young members who, in this case, can be likened to a sucking child. What has happened to the plan, by NBA, to send palliatives, to her sucking members (the young lawyers) ?

It must be recalled, that by a circular dated 24th April 2020, the WELFARE COMMITTEE set up by the NBA National, requested the full names and correct bank details of all young lawyers in all the branches of the NBA across the country, who are between 1-7 years post call and who have paid their Bar Practicing Fees and Branch Dues as at 31st March, 2020.

Frankly speaking, the news of the plan by the NBA National to send palliatives to young lawyers brought hope and excitement to young lawyers all over the country. No doubt, the plan is a welcomed development and further strengthens the confidence, trust and believesthat lawyers have in the current administration of the NBA National led by Paul Usoro, SAN. I must therefore commend the leadership of the NBA National for setting up the WELFARE COMMITTEE for COVID19 PALLIATIVE to young lawyers. This indeed, goes further to show that the administration has the welfare of its members at heart.

It must be noted that, consequent upon the above notice issued by the said COMMITTEE, many of the branches, based on the information within my disposal, have complied with the notice by forwarding the said names, together with the requisite appurtenances. In fact, the notice required the details to be submitted on or before 3pm the following day, being the 25th of April 2020. However, many branches, including mine, complied with the notice, despite its shortness but upon till now, nothing has been done.

It is almost a month now, yet no official communication by the said COMMITTEE with respect to the Palliatives. The hardship that Covid19 pandemic has caused lawyers, especially young lawyers, who survives mainly from the peanuts that most principals pay them, cannot be over flogged.

I therefore, humbly appeal to the COMMITTEE to do the needful as soon as possible. Young lawyers are in dire need of the palliatives. The right time is now.  I pray the committee to act fast before the urgent need becomes an emergency.

WE are waiting, patiently. It is said that the patient dogs eats the fattest bone. We only hope that the patient dog will not end up not getting any bone at all.

LONG live NBA National.


  1. C OBILOR Esq. (

Akure Branch. (Member)

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