The Manifesto of Yakemewerigha Christopher Opute, Aspirant For NBA General Secretary

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Chris Yakemewerigha Esq

Distinguished Silks, Seniors and Learned Colleagues.


My name is Yakemewerigha Christopher Opute from Bayelsa State and a member  of the Yenagoa  Branch  of the NBA.  I am contesting  for the position of General Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association.



Immediate  past  Chairman  of the  Law Officers  Association  of Nigeria, Bayelsa State Chapter

A former Secretary of NBA Yenagoa Branch

A former Financial Secretary, NBA Yenagoa Branch

A former Assistant Financial Secretary, NBA Yenagoa Branch


I   humbly seek for your support for the position of General Secretary of our

Noble Association.


WHAT I    WOULD  ACHIEVE  If  elected  with  your  support,  I      shall  ensure



  1. 1. There is  unity  and  inclusiveness  in  the  BAR  so  that  lawyers  in various  sectors  of practice,  i.e.  private  practitioners,  Law Officers in the ministries of Justice, other Government Parastatals, and the Armed Forces,  Law Teachers,  Lawyers in the  Para-Military,  Lawyers in  Corporate  Practice  etc.,  are all carried along and non-left  out  in the scheme of things.


  1. 2. There is a  synergy between the  Executive and the  BAR to  ensure pragmatic and positive  impact on members of the BA


  1. 3. The  instructions    of   the   President,   the    National    Executive Committee and the Annual General Meeting are diligently implemented in line with the statutory provisions of the NBA Constitution, 2015 as amended.


  1. 4. We have a comprehensive and self-updating  Database  of members inclusive  of a  Directory  of Law Offices  across the  nation  that can be assessed  by the  executive  and  members  whenever the  need arises.


  1. 5. All the committees of our Association  functions  optimally  in  line with Article 8 (5) ()  of our constitution.


  1. 6. The Committees  on  Lawyers’ welfare  and  Human  Rights  would engage  the   Police  and  other  Security  Agencies   in   interactive sessions to  address the  menace of harassment  and virtualisation of Lawyers and also make a  recommendation  for the formation  of a  Bar/Security Agencies Relationship  Forum.


  1. 7. There is an unhindered flow  in  the symbiotic relationship between the  National  Secretariat  and the Bar Branches  as stated  in  Article

13(10)    by   improving    upon   the   currently    social    medium    of communication,  i.e. WhatsApp,  Facebook, Telegram etc.


  1. 8. Our practice   is   not   unduly   hindered   by  ensuring   that   our stamp/seals are delivered to members promptly.


  1. 9. I will always be available at the National Secretariat, accessible to members   of  the   Bar   and   provide   valuable   and   qualitative leadership in the Secretariat


I       already  possess  a   wealth  of  managerial  experience  from  the  Civil Service Sector,  working with  the  BAR.  I     believe that with  your support  I can utilize the wealth of knowledge gained from working with the civil service to provide value addition services to the Nigerian Bar.


I     thank you for your time accorded this manifesto,  please feel  free to contact me for any clarification.


God bless the Nigerian Bar Association


  1. C. 0. Yakemewerigha



Fb: Yakemewerigha Christopher

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