Steve Sun to NBA PS: The NBA is already in disrepute!

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I wish i had more time on my hands to give a more detailed reaction concerning the recent comments credited to the NBA PS; but suffice to say that i am in total support of the actions of the young man who chastised the insolent FRSC woman!
I’m not even interested in knowing the full facts!

First and foremost, i want to assume that the road in question isn’t a Federal Road; and if that is the case, then the idiots have no right operating on that road in the first place.
The Aguata Branch should get the names of the officers and commence Contempt Proceedings against them pronto! The CA decision in Obon-Obla v. FRSC is very clear!

Secondly, the FRSC as a whole needs serious re-orientation!

Whenever you’re driving on the road, and you run into a police, military or para-military checkpoint; the moment they realize you’re a lawyer, they give you some benefit of doubt and treat you with some courtesy, and allow you to go.

But if it’s FRSC, they have zero regard for lawyers; in fact their hard-on becomes rock-hard the moment they see a lawyer as if lawyers were their mortal enemies in their past lives or something.

They should go to hell!

As for the comments of my good friend, Kunle Edu, vis-à-vis warning lawyers against conduct likely to bring the legal profession into disrepute, indeed nothing could be more laughable!
From the totality/generality of Mr. Edu’s several recent comments, _e be laiksay body just dey catch am!_

FYI, the Legal Profession is already in disrepute as we speak. Enough of the nauseating hypocrisy please!

The following events have already brought the LP into disrepute and the PS seems unperturbed but is worried about the actions of a senior lawyer who was obviously provoked into violence!

1. Conferees were defrauded by the NBA during the recent AGC. The NBA was supposed to issue Smart Tablets to conferees, rather it was a case of broad daylight robbery/obtaining by false pretences on the part of the NBA.
If a lawyer defrauds the NBA, i’m sure Kunle would issue a scathing press release instantly!

2. The brazen rigging by CHAMS & co in favour of PUSAN during the NBA elections is ignominious to say the least. I’m even surprised that reputable foreign donors such as the McArthur Foundation are still partnering with the NBA after the sham (presidential) election!

3. The fraud/money laundering scandal currently bedevilling PUSAN is also a source of immense disrepute for the Legal Profession.

Like i said, the LP is already under abject disrepute; Mr. Kunle and others should kindly save us the sanctimonious sermons please.


Steve Sun.

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