Seven Most  Effective Means Of Containing Corona Virus In Nigeria By Chukwuneke Anagbogu, Esq.

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Chukwuneke Anagbogu,

While I commend the various governments in the country for contributing in the sensitisation of the public on the novel coronavirus also known as COVID-19, it is imperative to also point out that closing down public schools and other places and occasions of public gathering is not enough to reduce or prevent the spread of the virus.


It is instead suggested that the following measures be taken  IMMEDIATELY:


  1. a) massive manufacturing or importation of bio base disposable face masks and distribution of same free of costs to ALL civil servants. Market men and women, drivers, artisans should be made or forced to buy them at easily affordable costs through their various unions. Like in China, All banks, eateries and security agencies must ensure that their staffers wear them at all times.


  1. b) massive importation of infrared thermometer and distribution of same to all hotels, banks, eateries, hotels, offices ALONGSIDE handwashing liquid and sanitizers. All proprietors or managers of businesses should be forced to buy  and use them at their entrances. All patrons or visitors must be forced to to undergo screening before admission.


  1. c) massive importation or production of test kits and make them available to Special Task Force on COVID-19 and station them with police or other paramilitary personnel in ALL MAJOR filing stations where every person will who comes to buy fuel will be tested while in their vehicles. This will maintain not only social distancing, but, also give us better working  statistics of persons living with COVID-19 and it’s spread


  1. d) massive importation of ICU ventilators for hospitals and portable ventilators for home use. Every civil servant should be forced to own at least one, and the cost, which should be the nearest minimum, will be deducted from his salary or emolument at source. The remainder may be purchased from an accredited agent. Manufacture of Parenteral and other medical supplies should be increased to saturate the market


  1. e) the costs of all the above should be decided and fixed by NCDC or committee for that purpose and be distributed using courier companies directly to the user’s place of work.


  1. f) all MDAs should be forced to contribute some part of the internally generated revenue probably deducted at source (from TSA) for this purpose.


  1. g) upon fulfilment of a) to f), all closed schools and businesses other than religious houses be reopened. Feasts and public worship will remain suspended till the virus totally disappears from Nigeria.



Chukwuneke Anagbogu,Esq. writing from Awka, Anambra State



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