Prof Ben Ayade: The Light At The End of The Tunnel – Sabastine U. Anyia

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In our country, it is always difficult for the citizens to appreciate their leaders be it at the Federal government or state government. There are many reasons for this non chalant attitude of our people to those in authority. Some criticize the government at every slightest slip because according to them, they should be the ones occupying the said office and not the present occupier. As a result, whatever he does, does not interest them and they are never pleased with him.

To the second category of Nigerians, they see our leaders as a bunch of incompetent people who have no business occupying the office in the first place. They accuse our leaders of bad governance, embezzlement of state funds and enriching themselves and their families at the expense of the general masses. According to them this explains why we do not have good roads, electricity, good schools etc.

In truth, Nigerian leaders have given the general public a bad impression of themselves. The society sees every person in politics and government as looters. Can we really blame them?

Our government, be it federal or state has failed the good people of this great country. This is the reason we do not discuss developmental issues like fighting to be like America or contesting to be counted as the fastest developing country. We are discussing division, how to divide Nigeria into various countries. At this modern age, Nigerians are still seeing themselves as Ibos, Hausas/Fulanis, and Yorubas. It is indeed worrisome.

But in recent times, we have seen that it is possible to turn the hearts and attention of the citizens of the state to favorable disposition to governance. We saw this with our amiable governor, Prof Ben Ayade, the governor of Cross River State.

The single act of humanity that the Cross River state governor has shown is a sign that we are not yet doomed, that the suffering and pains of the people get to our leaders and indeed to high places.

Making the less privileged, the poor and the struggling petty business owners pay horrendous sums as tax is and has always been a very ridiculous practice.

These people barely have where to stay, what to eat and wear yet they are made to give out a chunk of their hard earned money to the government and go borrowing to feed and train their children; Is that not sheer wickedness?

I salute our amiable governor! I praise and thank him for being humane. He is a man of intellect and that should be one of the qualities for choosing a leader. His choice of members of the Anti Tax Agency is very apt. I have no doubt these trusted men and women of God will ensure compliance. I urge other governors to follow his footsteps.

This is not the first time Governor Prof. Ben Ayade is displaying concern for his people. He always put his people first in everything he does. He exhibits this bountifully during the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic, he deployed tax forces to all the state boundaries to enforce lockdown. This explains why there is no Corona virus index in Cross River State. There is nobody in this country who is not aware of the employment he provided for Cross Riverians to alleviate poverty in the state. Once again, I salute him and urge him to remain focused.

Do not pay attention to criticisms for they will always criticize you even if you turn Cross River state to Paris. I am happy you have read about the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was healing people, raising some from death and feeding them yet he was criticized and killed by his people.

Bravo our amiable governor.
God bless Prof Ben Ayade.
S. U. Anyia Esq.

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