Nigeria’s Policy Flip Flops, an Elixir for Xenophobic Attacks on Nigerians By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

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Nigeria as a State has bogus foreign Policy Objectives.
They Include: Citizen’s diplomacy,African as the Centrepiece of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy, Economic Diplomacy ,the Non -Aligned Policy, Non-interference in the Internal Affairs of Other States, Non Tolerance of Racism and Colonialism in Africa.

It is with the last Policy that Nigeria wasted billions of Dollars to free South Africa fron the Oppressive Apartheid Policy in that Country.
Infact Nigeria withdrew from the Commonwealth Games in Edinburg, Scotland in the eighties to protest British indifference to the Aparthied Policy in South Africa.

What do we have in return?

Mindless killlings of Nigerians in South Africa by lazy South African Youth,who are envious of Nigerians who are far more successful or smarter than them.These killings are perpetrated with the indifference of the brutal and corrupt South African Police or some times with their cover and active participation.
This is an Official Imprimatur that the South African Government endorses these killings.
At least, we do not know of one person in South Africa, convicted of killing Nigerians. To make Matters worse,the South African High Commissioner to Nigerian had the audacity to recently deny the killlings which are evidenced in viral videos on line ,in the presence of Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs -Geodfrey Onyema, who could not reprimand him for lying and to also tell him to get its government to stop the killings.

The Response of the Nigerian Government to these brutal killings leaves much to be desired. The President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa is the Major Owner of MTN Nigeria. When the Federal Government fined MTN trillions of Naira ,he visited Nigeria severally, begging .

The body language of the President of South Africa suggests he cordones the genocidal killing of Nigerians.

The Nigerian Government should have by now shut down the Big Brother Naija show, a programme ran by MNET -a South African Company.

Expel the lying South African High Commissioner to Nigerian and recall its high Commissioner to South Africa. In diplomacy,it is called the doctrine of reciprocity.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is dyfunctional in its operations. Aside the tweet by the Minister ,that “enough is enough “,which is sloganeering, there has not been any concrete response The South Africans have more to lose .They are far more in advantage in the trade balance between the two Countries.
We should use this crisis to cut the monopolies of DSTV and Shoprite in our business firmament.

Nigeria is the only country in the World that have business policies that stunts the growth of local businesses and proliferates or give monopolies to foreign businesses. Unfair trade policies with out incentives or waivers ,while the Foreign Companies have waivers from our Government and incentives from their Government.

The primary essence of Government is the protection of its citizens anywhere in the World. The Nigerian Government has failed in this regard.They must be proactive in safe guarding our Citizens.

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