More Trouble for Embattled Ex-Minister, Kenneth Gbagi, as Delta Assembly Member Demands N5 billion for Defamation

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The Embattled Ex-Minister, Kenneth Gbagi, is in more trouble as Delta State House of Assembly Member, Honorable Reuben Izeze, representing Ughelli South constituency has demanded from him the sum of 5 billion Naira as damages for defaming his character.


The ex-minister has been trending on social media since last week for striping his hotel workers naked, including a married woman, and instructing his fifteen years old son to record the naked workers for social media. The workers have since demanded an apology and one billion Naira compensation from him.

The Ex-Minister got himself in another trouble when he defamed the Honorable member by making an audio recording which he converted to a voice note on WhatsApp and sent to several persons inside and outside Nigeria, where he stated that the honorable member is a drug addict, a person who teaches young boys to take drugs and indian hemp, a murderer who murdered (killed) a boy in Petroleum Training Institute (P.T.I.), an ingrate who is a man of no character, a drunkard, an imposter who is falsely claiming to be a native of Oginibo when he is not and many other unprintable things for no just cause.


In a demand letter written to the embattled ex-minister, Hon. Izeze’s lawyer and human right activist, Ikhide Ehighelua Esq, requested the ex-minister to forthwith, pay the sum of five billion Naira for the defamation of the Hon. Reuben Izeze’s Character, a retraction, an apology among others demands.


The lawyer’s letter reads in part…

“In your frenzy to hurt the feelings and personality of our client, you sent him a message on text (sms) and also on whatsapp where you stated as follows:    … you particularly lie a lot I was with Efe when we came to Asaba the day Okowa did his thanksgiving you were pained to even greet me and I know what Efe told me that day you being the greatest ingrate living on this earth you called me the other day in your pathology when I discussed Efe’s issue you lied that you were not sleeping with Efe and that Efe is your relation 2 miniutes later we got Efe on the line and when she was asked what she was in your house she said and I quote “that she does not know why you are lying calling her your sister that she already spoken to her father the basis for her action and her father has confirmed that both of you are not related” since you take delight in sleeping with women particularly this one Efe who has stayed with me for 6 years plus it only confirms your lack of class. It is a shame that a leader like me ran away from my house for fear of my life before Efea packed out after 3 months can see Efe as something you will put in your house and be sleeping with both of you lack character, the same way Efe got a legal adviser job and saw it as the end of the world so as I made you a hose of Assembly member and you only thought that the best thing to do is to terminate my life,…”


The lawyer proceeded to demand the following from the embattled ex-minister;


Retract your statement by sending a withdrawal of same to all those to whom you sent the voice note.

Tender unreserved apology to our client by publishing in two (2) newspapers circulating nationwide.

Desist from making any further defamatory publication about our client either verbally (orally) or in any printed or permanent form.

Pay to our client the sum of N5,000,000,000.00 (Five Billion Naira) for the defamation of his character.

All of these request which are cumulative are to be met within two weeks of the service of this letter on you.


See the full demand letter below


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