Men of God, Problem of Nigeria and Africa By Prof Levite Akpan

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The reason why Nigeria and Africa has failed as a country and a continent is because our so called men of God has refused to let our politicians know the truth. Rather they will go and collect money from politicians seeking for public offices why they brainwash their members to vote for the candidate they have collected money from.

Our Men of God has sold themselves to our politicians, that is why most of them will steal public funds and then take the money to church instead of developing their communities. Today we have more numbers of churches than schools and hospitals.

This is the reason why people like fr Mbaka will ask VP candidate to Atiku Abubakar to give him money or he will lose February elections as if he is God.

Some members of the cherubim and seraphim went to Aso Rock, promising President Buhari that they Will burn a million candles for Buhari to return for second term not even minding the bad shape of the country. Its really a shame to Christianity.

Some Men of God will just pray for any politician that seek public office and then endorse them as the next leader whether good or bad, Instead of telling them what they need to do to reduce the poverty rate of the country.

80% of our men of God are all liars and full of deceit, they will collect your tight and offering to buy themselves private jet, build quality schools both universities and secondary schools which 40% of their members cannot attend. The same secondary and universities that were countributed by poor congregation members. This is the reason why we are suffering from terrorism, corruption poverty and so on.

If you go to most developed countries like America Canada Germany Italy etc where same sex marriage like lesbianism homosexual and gay is legalized, church of Satan and other ungodly things are allowed, their economy is 100% better than African countries that have more number of churches and mosques.

We Nigerians and Africans has allowed our men of God to Brainwash us to the extent that our fake men of God now see themselves as God.
Some even sleep with their members, deceiving them they are doing deliverance for them.

Every man of God or Clergy men whether Muslim or Christian should accept responsiblity of the failure of our country Nigeria. Men of God like,
Pastor E Adeboye, Chris Oyakilome , Bishop Oyedepo, Rv fr Ejike Mbaka, Tb Joshua, Pastor Tunde Bakere, Sam Adeyemi and all Christian association of Nigeria (CAN) and all lslamic movement of Nigeria, should see themselves¬† responsible for Nigeria’s failure to excel.

Nigerians and Africans should wake up and stand up to get back what belong to them. Let’s not allow religion blindfold us. Not every prophecy you listen or hear will have lay on you. Let’s stand for the truth, we as Nigerians should keep religion aside and stop enriching our men of God. Let’s open our eyes and see what the future hold for us not what our church or mosque determine for us.

Am not asking anyone not to go to Church but worship your God in Truth and in spirit. It is better you pay your tight to beggers and the less privilege instead of enriching your men God to buy private jet and building schools for the Rich and your corrupt politicians why you suffer to feed your family.
The Bible says my people perish because of lack of knowledge. Don’t be among those who will perish because of lack knowledge.

Enough is Enough

I rest my case

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