Mallam Nasir El-Rufai’s Response To The Plight of Pensioners and Retirees in Kaduna State: Reasons We Must Engage The Governor and Government in Nigeria

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In the past months I have taken time to constantly engage the government of Kaduna State in matters concerning good governance and how His Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai could change the narratives so that people could understand the importance of engaging the Governor and his Government in which we are all stakeholders . The plight of Pensioners and Retirees is one of the issues most states in Nigeria are contending with as they battle with the socio-economic realities that put a constraints in their realization to live a life worth living. This indeed should be a concern for every Nigerian. We do not engage government because it is PDP or APC, but we engage government because if we must not apportion blames on ourselves then our leaders will not be responsible to what befalls us. This is the very reason Mallam Nasir El-Rufai led government in Kaduna State has decided to respond to the plight of Pensioners and Retirees. This commitment is a positive development and a development that gives hope and will make the Pensioners and Retirees once again affirm their commitment to service.

I have always brought before the Kaduna State Governor the issues of pension and Pensioners for retirees in Kaduna State. I have done that persistently on two occasions and I remember one of those persons involved and a supposed beneficiary called me and have followed me up persistently to ensure the letter gets to the Governor. Obviously, this Nigerian residing in Kaduna State believes strongly that the Kaduna State Governor can be engaged and very optimistic that the Governor his a Governor who will listen and who listens. Just yesterday the person sent me a document released to the public from Government House or Government office as the case may be and thanking me for my efforts as it yielded result and positive response. In that memo released 2nd September, 2019 the Governor of Kaduna State have directed through the agency of pensions that all Pensioners and Retirees in Kaduna State submit their necessary documents to commence verification exercise in anticipation for the disbursements. I remember vividly before now the Governor of Kaduna State was working on pension reforms and these reforms hopefully is a follow up to the government’s response to give retired civil servants their dues.

Nevertheless, whether my letters to the Governor of Kaduna State on the Pensioners entitlement is a direct or indirect response to my letters might only be a palpable conjectures. My greatest joy is that Pensioners and Retirees in Kaduna State can once again smile with hope. I had stressed in the various letters that the Kaduna State Governor hold a town hall meeting with the beneficiaries so as to dialogue, communicate and reach out to them so as they could feel the explanations and understand better the delays and hopefully make the beneficiaries understand the constraint of government and in turn give the beneficiaries hope for a better tomorrow. Fortunately, the Kaduna State Governor has through the agency gone beyond my expectation to act in the realization and anticipation that soon this beneficiaries will be paid. This indeed is a welcome development.

I remember vividly I sent various letter to the Governor of Kaduna State on the need to rehabilitate those roads in areas like Gonin Gora, Ungwan Boro, Ungwan Sunday, Ungwan Television etc. All these places mentioned are in Kaduna South and as I write this piece the road network in Gonin Gora is in top gear and “big equipments“ are practically working everyday with contractors on site. This is indeed the way to go if Kaduna State must be great again. We as citizens must engage the government on every level. We must arise above sentiments and engage government in every ramifications and procedures following the rules of engagement. This is how we must engage our politicians and constantly keep them on their toes. Our leaders all have their weaknesses and at they same time they have their strengths and it is only when we present our case genuinely and constructively they become sensitive to the plight of Nigerians.

It is true they don’t deserve our appreciation because it is tax payers money and they are under obligation to carry out their constitutional duties. Nonetheless, when we appreciate them we do so on the basis they did not allow their selfish instinct take over thier sense of reasoning so they can as well be conscious and guided knowing fully well that everyone is watching. Nigerians should constantly watch and be part of what constitutes thier destiny and only then can go back to those good old days when Kaduna had a night life and we all slept in peace. We hope that this government continously listens to more opinions as they constitute the growth of the State. There is no better reason to engage this government than now. We all have to put our hands on deck for Kaduna State to bring back its lost glory so we can all contribute to National development.

I hope that as soon as the verification exercise is done, it will not take too much time for these Pensioners and Retirees to get their bank alert. No doubt, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai in the bid to ensure that he is not derailed from doing the right thing, we can hope he will give his best for the joy and happiness of everyone

ADIDI, Dokpesi Timothy

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