Lai Mohammed under attack for saying ‘Buhari prevented Nigeria from becoming failed state’

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The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has come under attack for saying that President Muhammadu Buhari’s assumption of office in 2015 prevented Nigeria from becoming a failed state.


According to Lai Mohammed, Nigeria today faces a lot of challenges. But whatever situation the country has found itself in, things would have been much worse but for the deft management of resources, unprecedented fight against corruption, determined battle against insurgency and banditry as well as the abiding courage of Mr. President in piloting the ship of state,

He further said “Nigeria today is not a failed state, but a nation that is courageously tackling its challenges and building a solid infrastructure that will serve as the basis for socio-economic development, a nation that is unrelenting in battling insecurity and working hard to ensure greatest prosperity for the greatest number of people,”

Some Nigerians who were not pleased with the Minister’s comment berated him, saying “When you sing your praise, you raise your shoulders. Allow the populace to do the rating. All you know how to do best is complain, wail and talk about the past gov’t.”

Commenting on Vanguard’s post on Twitter, Mr Dayo Akinwale said “There was never a time after the civil war we had succession cry this much. It was all because of Buhari, and you come here to tell us he is preventing Nigeria from becoming a failed state. I doubt the presidency understand what a failed state is.”

Other Twitter users commented as follows:

@JosephNdidi “That is in the dreamland it may be the truth but in reality sir that is not what it is but sir how do you sleep at night and what story do tell ur grandchildren whenever u meet them that u did ur best or what hmm a day will come u will not be able to move around”

@ogbumor “people can’t even speak as steel with this government, which youth neutral wants to stand… A failed state is one that has fallen asleep on the young and left them to struggle yet arrest them when they seek comfort. Thank God for the likes of Wike, Duke, SDM…”

@Obapeacee “Reading news story from lai Mohammed always give me a headache. I would always remember all his analysis of the last government on @channelstv during 2015 campaign. I sometimes wonder if human being were made to behave the way they do. He should always beg God for forgiveness.”

@chrumuks “When OBJ talked about self-delusion, this is a typical example of one neck-deep in it. A Very Pathetic one too because he represents a subset of the whole. Nigeria is like Nebuchadnezzar in the wilderness. We will all come out repentant, sober and wiser. It’s a quiet revolution.”

@Ekehjohnuche “Buhari didn’t prevent Nigeria from being a failed state, he only made the country to be worse than it was 5years ago. Oga information minister, look around if you can see anything better that has been done for the citizens of the country over these years!”

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