Save Leah Sharibu: How Long Must We Wait? Lagos Lawyer writes Boss Mustapha

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A Lagos based Lawyer, Ehiwe O. Samuel has sent a letter to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustafa regarding the long incarceration of Leah Sharibu.

He noted that it has been over Five Hundred and Fifty Days since Leah Sharibu was kidnapped by boko haram.

Mr. Ehiwe argued that it is the primary responsibility of government to protect the lives and property of the citizens. He further copied the office of the Vice President, National Human Rights Commission, Economic Community Of West African States, United Nations Development Program and urged the Government to facilitate Leah’ release.

The letter reads: “It is now well over Five Hundred and Fifty Days since the kidnap and incarceration of Leah Sharibu by the deadly, and outlawed Boko Haram militias was carried out and nothing of substance has yet been done to ensure her rescue and safe return home.

“To say it is a sad episode, is in fact saying the less. The tears shed, the hearts broken, the pains felt, the dreams and the misery which this bizarre incidence has caused to Leah’s parents and indeed, well-meaning Nigerians cannot be expressed by words of mouth. Promises have been made by the Federal government of Nigeria to ensure her release, but no result has been achieved in that regard. Our hearts are sore!

“As dawn turns to dusk, as we sit over our meals to dine, as perks fall on our cheeks, as we fill our cups to wine, let us not forget that somewhere in the deep dark forest, somewhere in the claws of death, somewhere in the midst of unbelievable abuse and assaults lies a little innocent damsel crying for freedom-she is Leah!

“Under all known laws, and even from the times of yore, it is well settled that it is the primary responsibility of government to protect the lives and property of the citizens. This is the first and most basic of the function of government. It suffices to say that a government that fails in this regard has failed woefully; other projects undertaken notwithstanding.

“There have been calls from several groups, organizations and individuals for the Federal government of Nigeria to intensify all efforts at rescuing Leah whose only ‘offence’ was that she refused to denounce her faith and religious beliefs, a right she is entitled to under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 as Amended.

“The government, has, instead of intensifying efforts at ensuring her release, decided to focus on the politics of self-interest, while at the same time reeling out unending promises of ‘we are on top of the situation’. They have remained on top of the situation for over a hundred and fifty days (150 days) without any meaningful result. We therefore call on the government to come down and act decisively and secure her immediate release from Boko Haram detention.

“We do not want the fate that befell Ms. Hauwa Liman and Ms. Saifura Khorsa to befall Leah. It would be recalled that the Boko Haram sect had threatened to kill Liman, Khorsa and Leah.

“Liman and Khorsa were humanitarians working for the International Red-cross Society until they were unfortunately kidnapped by the insurgents. In October 2018, the insurgents made good their promise by gruesomely murdering Khorsa and Liman! By the calculation, Leah may be the next! Therefore, we have taken the pains to write this open letter to the government, the United Nations, the African Union and to all concerned individuals to ensure that nothing happens to Leah. Leah must not die, she has a future, she has a destiny to fulfil, she is a precious African girl child, she is entitled to live, she is innocent, she must not die! Save Leah please!

“When Liman and Khorsa where gruesomely murdered by the insurgents, all the government did was to send condolence messages and ‘words of comfort’ to their families.

“Alas! This cannot bring them back. The government must be pro-active instead of been reactive to situations of this nature. We will not accept any medicine after death. Something must be done to save Leah!

“In conclusion, the responsibility to save Leah Sharibu lies in the hands of the government, the international society and every well-meaning Nigerian. We therefore call on the Federal government of Nigeria, the Nigerian Armed Forces, the United Nations, the African Union, the international community, and all well-meaning individuals to put hands together and ensure the immediate release of Leah Sharibu.”

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