Ikeja Election: “Flagrant Disregard for the Constitution of the NBA By the Ikeja Branch Caretaker Committee” – Aspirants write Akpata

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Aspirants in the Ikeja election has petitioned the President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Olumide Akpata over the Flagrant Disregard for the Constitution of the NBA By the Ikeja Branch Caretaker Committee.


In a Petition made available to BarristerNG, and signed by Titilayo Osagie, Bamidele Ojuyenum, Abdulhameed Ahmeed, Jimoh Mohammed, Daniel Enakadia [Sgd], Joseph Olumudi (Sgd) and Basil Owolabi, the aspirants dissociated themselves from  the  continued  illegality perpetuated   by  the  Caretaker  Committee.

The aspirants called on Akpata to disband the Committee, noting that any act undertaken  by  the  Committee  as   presently  constituted  will   be  tainted  with illegality.

The Petition reads in part “We, ¬†the¬† undersigned¬† ¬†aspirants to ¬†various elective ¬†offices ¬†in ¬†the ¬†Ikeja ¬†Branch ¬†of the Nigerian ¬†Bar ¬†Association,¬† are compelled ¬†by the ¬†disrespect ¬†for ¬†the ¬†constitution of ¬†the association by the Caretaker Committee of the NBA lkeja ¬†Branch, to write this petition.


“Sir, ¬†recall that on the 23th of June 2020, the erstwhile ¬†Electoral ¬†Committee of the Branch was dissolved and a three (3) man Caretaker Committee comprising ¬†former chairmen of the ¬†Branch, ¬†was set ¬†up with ¬†a ¬†mandate ¬†to ¬†pilot ¬†the ¬†affairs ¬†of the ¬†Branch, ¬†including conducting elections to fill the vacuum created by the effluxion of the tenure ¬†of the last Branch ¬†Executive ¬†Members. ¬†It ¬†is¬† ¬†pertinent ¬†to ¬†observe ¬†here ¬†that¬† the ¬†tenure¬† ¬†of ¬†the Caretaker ¬†Committee ¬†would ¬†lapse after ¬†three ¬†months ¬†beginning ¬†from ¬†the 30″ ¬†of June, 2020.

“Sir, ¬†upon assumption ¬†of office, ¬†it is disheartening that rather than focus on the mandate of the committee, ¬†some ¬†members of the ¬†Caretaker Committee started¬† engaging in a game of intrigues ¬†suggesting ¬†that ¬†they ¬†had a ¬†preconceived ¬†agenda they ¬†were ¬†bent on executing.

“Sir, Article 17 of the ¬†UBL that regulates the procedure ¬†for the ¬†conduct of elections ¬†was jettisoned¬† by the ¬†Caretaker ¬†Committee ¬†and the timelines stipulated ¬†by the law ¬†were never ¬†adhered ¬†to. ¬†The ¬†committee ¬†went¬† on ¬†a ¬†frolic ¬†of its ¬†own, ¬†picking ¬†and ¬†choosing which ¬†of ¬†the provisions ¬†of the ¬†NBA UBL to obey ¬†or disobey. Curiously, ¬†the committee went ahead to release the final voters list without releasing the list of the candidates for the election. To further compound ¬†matters, the committee went on to announce ¬†a date for the election which ¬†is less than the prescribed ¬†thirty days stipulated by the UBL In the midst ¬†of these ¬†anomalies, ¬†it ¬†was not surprising ¬†that a member ¬†of the ¬†committee, ¬†Mr Monday Ubani resigned his membership ¬†of the committee. Upon the resignation of Mr Ubani, the committee ¬†went ahead to release a ¬†communique¬† announcing ¬†elections ¬†into all ¬†other¬† offices but excluding ¬†the chairmanship ¬†candidates ¬†from ¬†participating ¬†in the election. We consider all these unlawful actions of the committee as bearing no positive fruits save to further plunge¬† the already fragile ¬†soul¬† of Ikeja¬† Branch ¬†of ¬†NBA into deep crisis.


“In view of the forgoing, ¬†we the undersigned aspirants ¬†wish to dissociate ¬†ourselves from the¬† proposed ¬†elections slated ¬†for ¬†Tuesday,¬† the ¬†29″ ¬†day of ¬†September, ¬†2020, ¬†on the following grounds;

  1. The Caretaker  Committee  as  presently  constituted,  has shown  to  be inclined  to acting without complying with the laws of our association.
  2. 2. The  Caretaker  committee  has  not  subjected  itself  to  constituted  authority  by disregarding lawful directives from the National  Body.
  1. 3. The  resignation  of  Mr.  Monday Ubani  from  the  committee  has stripped  the committee  of the  requisite  legitimacy  to run the affairs  of the Branch  as Article 11 of the UBL makes  clear, the composition of the Caretaker Committee. Any act undertaken  by  the  Committee  as   presently  constituted  will   be  tainted  with illegality.


“In ¬†view ¬†of ¬†the forgoing, we ¬†hereby ¬†dissociate¬† ourselves from ¬†the ¬†continued ¬†illegality being¬† ¬†perpetuated¬†¬† by ¬†the ¬†Caretaker ¬†Committee, ¬†with¬†¬† particular ¬†reference ¬†to ¬†the attempt to conduct election in Ikeja Branch under these spurious circumstances with its attendant capacity to birth series of legal battles.


“We ¬†therefore ¬†urge ¬†you ¬†Sir, ¬†to ¬†disband the ¬†Committee ¬†and replace ¬†same ¬†with ¬†persons who have respect¬† and deference ¬†to the ¬†laws of the ¬†association ¬†and regard for ¬†hierarchy of authority of the association”



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