Corruption Bites Harder in Lagos Courts: Lawyers are indifferent – Bayo Akinlade

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The fight against corruption in the Judiciary has not gained much ground despite the commitment of the heads of Court to see it rooted out.

While the lawyers remain skeptical about the Judiciary’s stance on ending corruption within its ranks, the Judiciary itself are dumbfounded by the unwillingness of lawyers to stop giving bribes and in reporting cases of extortion.

It has become a case of _”you can’t eat your cake and have it”_ . When we ask lawyers why they are not reporting incidences of corruption, they usually reply: “my client will suffer and my work will not move”.

Unfortunately, the above notion has not been tested a great deal (this is not denying that there are consequences for resisting corruption but let’s face it, we have to endure) as many of these lawyers merely fear an outcome that is yet to happen. Perhaps they have heard about others whose clients suffered but I dare say; who really suffers when we succumb to corrupt tendencies in our judiciary system, are we not the ones?.

Unfortunately, most Lawyers have become timid, lazy and over focused on personal gain, that’s why it’s easier just to “pay off” a registrar or give a bribe than to “be a minister in the temple of Justice” and insist on what is RIGHT

HOW DO WE COMBAT THIS MENACE:?…..gradually is the answer.

FIACIJ is currently looking into the massive corruption ring going on at Ogba Magistrate Court regarding the handling of criminal cases and monies that exchange hands aimed at perverting the cause of Justice.

We have our eyes on all our courts and we are going to start naming names of Court officials and Lawyers who are desecrating the HALLS OF JUSTICE.

If you have chosen to be corrupt and to mortgage our future we will ENSURE WE EXPOSE AND HUMILIATE YOU


Bayo Akinlade Esq
National Convener
Fight Against Corruption in the Judiciary [FIACIJ]

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