Certificate Without Civility By Emanamfon Umana

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It is often said that education is the key, a certificate is the product of every completed stage of education. The key is not only for accessing the doors of a good paying job or other economic or social benefit attached to a formal education but it may be a tool that attracts or repels others who one may come in contact with. However, the possession of a certificate is but only prima facie evidence that an individual has passed through the rigors of formal training and same may be rebutted by so many supervening elements and traits, some of such element is a person’s character and expression of civility.

In simple terms, a person’s character is the expression of the deepest being of an individual, it is an expression of the person’s soul, spirit and body outwardly displayed and affecting the other individuals and beneficiaries who are either hurt, inspired or motivated by the display of such traits.

To be civil is simply to be courteous in one’s approach to others and things generally, exuding positive mannerism and decorum, conforming to accepted standard of behavior in one’s actions, speeches; oral or written.
It is expected that a formal system of education backed by a Certificate should or ought to mould individuals into civil beings but rather we still have persons walk the street of the society in their raw state of nature.

From Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, Engineers Pastors etc. some o have fallen short of this common standards of civility that members of any sane society should behold. The possess well decorated Certificates and breathe-taking grades yet the character they exude stinks and puts makes their certification questionable. They are expected to be impeccable in character and learning.

Lawyers are rude to clients, fellow colleague and Judges, and authority, Doctors and Nurses kill faster with their demeanour than the ailment that the patient harbor. The utterance from the pulpit depletes the unsuspecting congregants easier than the common enemy we war against. Husbands and wives prey on each other without recourse to their vows, Bosses eat up subordinates (Young Lawyers) as though corporate cannibalism has been sanctioned. Secretaries and receptionist have become the first hurdle to beat even before journey of an interview or appointment starts. The list is endless and the experience we all have are countless.

One’s character and display of decorum must be the first evidence that one has interfaced with blackboard and a white chalk. No matter how black the board must have been, the introduction of a single chalk will be clearly visible. This is what the possessor of a Certificate should aim to achieve, being a visible light in the midst of the dark, a light shining via an illuminated character. Your display of premium-decorum and un-matched civility should draw men to you. Even when humour is introduced or intended a trace of decorum should be seen.

The increase in social media interactions has worsened the state of things, the absence of a physical contact with the receiver of the derogatory tendency has enriched the trade of men who are common constant worshippers in the temple of un-civil practices. Indecency is celebrated by men and women who ought to be men of wisdom, understanding and good intellect.

Our homes are our first learning institutions, good virtues and traits not learnt here may never be learnt and if learnt at a later stage, it may be at a greater cost and after consequences of the failure of it being learnt in time. Though the homes present no Certificate, it’s role cannot be over-emphasized, for if the foundation is faulty what shall the righteous do?

We must learn to address people with respect, be humane with words, appreciate with words and actions, bridle our tongue and use appropriate tone, apologise and admit fault when necessary etc. A good character is priceless, it’s a virtue and goodwill generations unborn will benefit from.

Take a deep retrospect on the way your character may be perceived, while you do yours, I will be working on mine, all working towards being ambassadors of the coveted certificates we possess.

Emanamfon Umana
Legal Practitioner, Writer, Corporate Consultant & Insurance Practitioner

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