“We have been abandoned, Poorly treated by Amnesty Office” – “Amnesty Programme” Bar Aspirants Cry out


New wigs under the sponsorship of presidential Amnesty program has complained bitterly of the unfair manner and ill treatment they have been experiencing in the hands of their Boss,  Prof Charles Dokubo and his office.

In a press release made available to www.BarristerNG.com the Bar Aspirants lament the poor treatment meted to them.

Below is the Press Release

Press release by Aspirants to the Nigerian Bar; who were under the sponsorship of Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty program that brilliantly and successfully passed the 2017/2018 bar final exams and, of course who are grooming for the call to the Bar ceremony in the next 3 days, decrying for what their sponsor, Presidential Amnesty office has appeared insensitive to their needs that are very fundamental to each aspiring young lawyer to be executed before the day of call.

Such needs require financial wherewithal which a formal letter had been sent/presented, particularly addressed to the Boss, Prof Charles Dokubo for quite some weeks, but with the look of things the letter suffers swift attention. These needs are clearly set out in the letter; here few of them would still be reproduced for perusal enabling the public to see the extent of necessity, hence the office to take responsibility. They are as follows:

1. Call to Bar processing fee
2. Wig and gown
3. Accommodation etc

The above needs are not invented by the affected persons’ imagination, rather a must preparations for the formal call that is within the knowledge of every lawyer. As prospective lawyers under scholarship, the foregoing should be provided, as they are not out of place.

The concerned students further said that, the rate at which the presidential Amnesty office handles delegates since 2015 till date is invariably worsening as no improvement has been introduced/made despite the change of signatories on account of corrupt practices or otherwise.

What we are therefore, unequivocally telling Prof Charles Dokubo and his cohorts is that, the presidential Amnesty program is ‘like’ a scholarship offering office designed for human capacity development through educational advancement of Niger Delta youths captured in the program, as such we want to have the peculiar impact of students on a scholarship. Let that flavour manifestly be seen on us, as the rate of incurring expenses is enormous on our side because of the persistent refusal to accept responsibility of most our needs by the handlers of the programme.

As we have been trained, we know our rights and privileges, what belongs to us and what ought to be and be done distinctly. Moreso, should Charles Dokubo and his cohorts really want to take the credit of our God-given feat which we attained despite we were not properly and adequately been taken care of by them throughout our stay in the Nigerian law school. But, to the glory of God, this is where we are, receiving street credibility due to our professional ‘Golan heights’ . We don’t think, they deserve any praise. Only God deserves it.


Lawrence peremobowei


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