See What this Paul Usoro Critic Said about holding 2019 AGC at Eko Hotels

A former Executive member of the Nigerian Bar Association, Lagos Branch, (NBA) and Paul Usoro critic, Dame Carol Ajie has raised concern towards the success of the upcoming NBA Annual General Conference, NBAAGC 2019.

The 2019 NBA AGC was scheduled to hold in Lagos at Eko Hotels and Suites in August 2019.

In an email sent to the “Dame of the Bar” is worried that if the situation is not addressed, the organization of the 2019 NBA AGC will be a failure.

Recall that Dame Ajie who was a strong supporter of the Mr Usoro candidacy during NBA electioneering months launched a full anti Usoro campaign against the NBA President after they fall out on who to nominate to represent NBA at the International Bar Association, IBA.

Below is Dame Ajie’s email;


Today Tuesday 7th May, 2019 I get an email from NBA Secretariat that NBA now has a Toll free number cited as 0803331111 fixed to run daily from 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday. I called the number to enquire about this year’s annual Bar conference, as you know our conferences hold in the month of August each year, this not being an election year, our NBA elections are biennial.

The voice from the other end of the phone in response to my enquiry said:

CA: What is the exact date of the NBA AGC?

Answer: 23rd – 29th August 2019

Question: Venue?

Answer: Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos

Question: Conference Theme?

Answer: “Facing the Future”

Question: Keynote speaker?

Answer: We don’t have a key note speaker. We don’t know of one.

Question: What is the conference fee?

Answer: We Don’t Know.

Question: “Don’t Know”?

Answer: We have not been told. We don’t know the cost yet.

CA: Thank you!

Thereafter I called Eko Hotels and Suites to confirm NBA AGC Booking and the following conversation ensued. You’d be appalled!

CA: Which of your halls has the most capacity for a conference?

Answer: In Eko hotels and suites, the biggest hall is the Eko Convention Centre.

Question: What is the capacity of the hall?.

Answer: 5,000 The Eko Convention Centre holds a maximum of five thousand guests and that is if the setting is theatre.

NOTE: – the sitting arrangement theatre means without the tables, the seats only.

Further Question: With tables (classroom setting) please what is the capacity of Eko Convention Centre with tables?

Answer: With Tables maximum is 2,500 we have no hall that can sit more than two thousand five hundred guests (2,500).

Question: Has the Nigerian Bar Association booked the last week of August 23-29 for AGC?

Answer: All the dates are fully booked but by different associations and we don’t even know if NBA AGC is one of the institutions that booked at this time. However, different organizations booked various dates altogether the dates are from 22- 30 Aug 2019, fully booked.


NBA is an association of over 100,000 + active members. Usoros now expect 5,000? at this year’s AGC. Preposterous!. Look in Abuja NBA AGC 2018 more than 12,000 registered and attended. LAGOS 2017 NBA AGC more than 12,000 registered and got NBA Tablets in 2017.


Usoros hijacked the conference planning from the TCCP under the chairmanship of Mr Oyebode a notable administrator yet the Usoros lack requisite sense of duty to organize NBA AGC. The Usoros think everything begins and ends with “pecunia”. You know what the Latin word “pecunia” means money. They focus too much on personal gains.

With all what they have they are still poor.

Think Great. Don’t think Pouh Paul Usoro


Thank you

Carol Ajie, LL.M Georgetown


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