Open Letter to President Mohammadu Buhari GCFR By Francis Ojima Akoji Esq.

Your Excellency, I write with a heavy heart, pain and displeasure as a patriotic, concerned and conscious youth and citizen of our dear country, with regard to the state of the nation and the turn of events under your watch, especially the recent attacks on unsuspecting commuters along Kaduna – Abuja road.

However, before I proceed with venting my grievances, I wish to join other Nigerians in registering my hearty felicitations on your victory at the polls by the standards of the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Sir, you will recall that before the election that ushered you into your first term in 2015, the people overwhelmingly gave you their support based on the promises you made, and on grounds of integrity and the quest to have a better government in place.

Recall also that you pledged serious commitment to security and safety of lives and properties. Being a high ranking retired Nigerian Army Officer (a General) of national and international repute and a man of honour, majority of the citizenry including yours sincerely, had no doubt in your ability to answer on the said promise.

The promises seemed lofty and even though they appeared quite utopian at the time, the citizenry kept faith in you. I must commend your dedication to this since 2015.

However, Mr. President, more needs to be done as the fight lingers on amidst claims of neglect of our troops who are staking it all to ensure our nationhood.

Your Excellency sir, may I also chip in as a subtle reminder that on the day you took the oath of office, you swore allegiance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the Sacred Scripture and with an admirable display of eloquence, literary prowess, and sagacity, projected an utopian picture of a new Nigeria under your watch, reeling out your most celebrated claim that you “are for everybody and you belong to nobody”.

It is four years since this event took place; words it seems, have not been matched with actions. Your lofty ideas and promises seem not to be having any remarkable or commendable impact on any aspect of governance or the general wellbeing of Nigerians.

The current situation of the country under your watch rather reflects a reverse of the promises you made to Nigerians and worse than the country you met when you came into office.

Under your watch, communities are maimed and massacred in what pass for ethnic cleansing. Safety is not guaranteed at home, and even our roads have been hijacked by hoodlums.

Corruption which you swore to slaughter as David did Goliath, still stares at us with eyes wide open like a sleep deprived owl.

As the social contract theory rightly states, there is an agreement that the civil society has surrendered all their rights to cater for themselves to the government for societal and individual good, same given statutory backing by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended, judicial authorities and extant international treaties related thereto, the primary duty of every government is the security of lives and properties and protection of the sovereignty vested on the citizens as well as the territorial integrity of the State against internal insurrections and external aggressions.

The incessant killings along the Abuja- Kaduna expressway calls for urgent concern. Sir, “wailers,” (as your media aide described your critics), may based on your deafening silence or snail speed effort, say you stand aloof while citizens who you swore allegiance to protect are kidnapped on a daily basis while pursuing their everyday legitimate businesses. That is why it has become incumbent on me to draw your attention to this urgent need.

In saner climes, where the interest of the populace is at the front burner of governance and prevails over any individual, group or clandestine interests, people in positions of authority resign for even lesser governmental failures and societal malady than the ones bedeviling our dear country today.

In Nigeria, the case is different because our political sphere is dominated by individuals who are neck-deep in the murky waters of greed, looting, corruption, nepotism, enthnocentricism and favouraticism and never say die in their firm grip to power against all odds.

Hence, another democracy day is here, and another journey of a four year ride begins, may it not slip through like the first without significant breakthroughs. You must justify the mandate given to you by the people and build a legacy that your heirs, and cronies can ride on.

Mr President Sir, this should not be seen as a new platform on which to make new promises but an avenue to recount your moments of failures and successes and to take advantage of same.

Sir, you have written your name in gold in the sands of time in our great country as a humble and honourable man, you exude high sense of morality and possess sound listening ability.

Hence, I trust that you will use your good office positively to influence real change that will chart the course of this great nation to a high pedestal in the international arena.

Accept the assurances of my kind regards.

Yours Sincerely,

Francis Ojima Akoji Esq.

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