NBA Elections: Olagunju has an “excess eagerness” unbecoming of NBA General Secretary – Prof Odinkalu

A renowned Professor of Law and former Chairman of Nigerian Human Right Commission, Prof. Chidi Odinkalu has taken a swipe at the NBA General Secretary, Aare Isiaka Abiola Olagunju over his relationship with the NBA Electoral Committee, ECNBA.

In a comment he shared on Social Media in reaction to the revelation by online law blogs that one of the presidential candidates rumored to by sponsored by the NBA current administration, Mr Paul Usoro SAN has a link with the company hired to conduct the Association’s election,  Mr Odinkalu questioned the independence of ECNBA and the NBA GS relationship with them


Below is Prof Odinkalu’s comment:


I have read reports crediting the NBA Secretary, Mr. Olagunju & the ECNBA Secretary, Mr. Agoro, with doing a tag team on this issue of the NBA’s E-voting solution provider.

One would have thought that with the existence of an ECNBA, the NBA General-Secretary would advise himself to keep quiet on this matter. By coming out the way he has, he casts a pall over the independence of the ECNBA and he suggests he has an excess of eagerness unbecoming for his position. That is more than worrying. 

It seems clear ECNBA has not done its homework & is not looking very independent. The degree of transparency expected of this ECNBA has been lacking. When did they advertise the bids for solutiob providers? Where? How? Who curated and managed the bids? How was the bid process governed? What is the scope and spec of the contract? What are the data management and data protection responsibilities of the contractor?

Has the platform been tested? Demonstrated? To whom? When? How?

What due diligence did the ECNBA do? It seems it’s only now after the fact that the ECNBA is about go do the kind of due diligence it shd have done well before now.

Some people say the relationship between Mr. Usoro & Dr. Awosika are too tangential to ignore. Both CHAMS & Access Bank are public companies. It seems clear from the publicly available records that Mr. Usoro is a debtor to Access Bank. Dr. Awosika who sits on both the credit and finance and Audit committees of the Access Bank Board would have had to take a view of this. I say nothing of the concurrence of their board committee memberships.

None of these are disclosed. We simply are supposed to accept opinions of people who have not done their home work. For me, that is not good enough


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