NBA Elections 2018: Vote John Aikpokpo-Martins as 2nd Vice President

In accordance with the principle of good corporate social responsibility, the Association being a body of nobles ought to have an organ that periodically donates acutely needed materials to our most needy in the society. Sadly, we do not have.

Therefore when elected as your 2nd Vice President, I shall move the NBA to set up a body to be known as the “NBA CHARITY FOUNDATION” with the responsibility of intervening and bringing succour to the most needy and underprivileged in our society, particularly to the IDPs.

It is a fact that in our posh wardrobes and homes, most of us and our children have discarded and not needed clothes, shoes, books etc that are still in fairly good and useable conditions.

These discarded and not needed clothes, shoes and books can be donated by members to the NBA charity foundation at our monthly general meetings of branches.

The Charity Foundation would sort and package these materials, and same would be donated by the Association to IDP camps and orphanages around Nigeria for the use of the inmates.

This initiative would certainly bring succour and happiness to the needy inmates, and improve the image of the Association in the eyes of ordinary Nigerians without much financial responsibility to the Association.

It is my humble opinion that our nobility imposes that obligation to care for our neighbours.

It must not be only about us.

My name is JOHN AIKPOKPO-MARTINS, VOTE FOR ME as your 2nd Vice President.


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