NBA Election 2018: Paul Usoro procured a compromised non-mandate in a messed up racket – Chidi Odinkalu

A professor of Law and former chairman of Nigerian Human Rights commission, Chidi Odinkalu has condemned the concluded election into the National offices of Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, as a disgraceful racket. The human right activist labelled the victory of Paul Usoro SAN at the poll as “Procured comprmised Non-Mandate“. He alleged that the system was configured to get a predetermined outcome.
Below is the statement of Chidi Odinkalu
Concerning What AB Mahmoud & the NBA Have Done
Good morning colleagues. 
It is unfortunate colleagues failed to heed the clear facts & evidence of a compromised process in #NBADecides2018. The contestants and their supporters mostly behaved desperate, conferring legitimacy on a process that manifestly lacked it from the get go. 
Each campaign appeared to behave in such a way as to suggest they were best placed to benefit from a system configured for pre-determined outcomes. 
This was not an election. It was not even a selection. It was a racket and a messed up one at that. Now, they will ask the NBA NEC to make this messed up racket their own & ratify it at the pre-conference NEC. That will be interesting. 
This racket is a disgrace. The process was compromised and did not even pretend about it. The outcome lacks legitimacy and the declared winner has procured a compromised non-mandate. 
Those who hope or expect that there will be an audit should come off that kind of hallucination – you don’t ask a burglar to investigate the burglary.
The outgoing Bar leadership is incredibly tarnished by its role in this messy racket. Yet, we are unlikely to learn. There are no plaudits to hand out, no congratulations to anyone and no one comes out of this a winner.
My name is Chidi Anselm Odinkalu. I am a City-Zen.

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