NBA Bwari Branch Secretary blast NBA GS, Olagunju, accuse him of religious bias

Mr Felix Ashimole

The Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Bwari branch secretary, Felix Ashimole Esq, popularly known as Che Oyinatumba, has blasted the General Secretary of NBA Aare Abiola Olagunju for allegedly ignoring the petition he wrote against the Bwari Branch Chairman, Mr Mohammed Tsav, and requesting that he reply to Mr Tsav’s petition against him which he alleged was only written after his own has been submitted to NBA national secretariat but left unattended to.

Mr Ashimole alleged that the reason for the GS failure to attend to his petition is because both Mr Tsav, and the GS belong to the same Muslim faith and is rooting for Paul Usoro SAN at the forth coming NBA presidential election.

Mr Ashimole chided Mr Tsav for not responding to his court case against him and NBA but instead choose go to NBA with “story telling”.

Below is the exact statement of Mr Ashimole as shared on social media

I thought Tsav and his gang of Sukale are sound lawyers! Instead of replying to my suit, Tsav went to NBA GS to submit this letter and the GS wrote me. They think that being in Owerri, I cannot reply! Well we all witnessed what happened on June 1st at our meeting and we know those who brought non lawyers into our meeting. I SHALL reply the GS once I am in Abuja. This impunity must stop. I wrote the GS, attaching the motion to remove Tsav way long before June 1st but because the GS, Murray (Chief of Staff to AB) and Tsav are Muslim plus Tsav being in TCCP and supporting Paul Usoro, the NBA National is quick to write me, forgetting that when two equities are equal, the first in time prevails. I have been complaining about Tsav dictatorship since Oct 2018 but the GS, refused to reply any of my petitions but because of religious sentiments, he replied Tsav’s and gave me 4 days to reply. Well, I had already sued the Trustees of NBA before Tsav’s impotent letter. My suit is CV/1988/18. I de laugh at them all!


June 1; my story.
Since Mohammed Tsav has taken to story telling and the General Secretary of NBA, Aare Isiaku Olagunju, is interested in hearing, I will with my left finger, type a reply.
Left finger, because I am already in Court.
1.I have sued the Registered Trustees of NBA, Tsav Mohammed and Access Bank. NBA is aware of this but curiously the General Secretary, still went ahead to write me, touching on subject matters that are part of suit CV/1988/18. What an association.
The said petition by Mohammed Tsav, was penned on NBA Bwari letter headed paper, that has Luqman Ahmed and Calistus Uzoukwu as members of the executive council.
The General Secretary had something in September 2017 wrote to Mohammed Tsav, that past Chairman and Secretary of a Committee are not considered past Chairman and Secretary of a Branch.
Surprisingly, the General Secretary received a letter with these impostors names on it and didn’t insist that his directive of September 2017 be complied with before Mohammed Tsav’s letter can be dignified with a read. Hmmmmmm!!
2. I came late to the June meeting of my branch because I had arrived earlier, set up the venue and went home to shower.
I came in at about the time Okutekpa SAN was introducing Arthur Obi Okafor SAN and other aspirants that came to our branch to solicit support.
I noticed that the venue I arranged, was not the venue being used. There had been light challenge in the main courtroom of Dutse Customary Court complex we use for our meeting. I set up the venue where we will have visibility and where the Branch’s generator can supply light. Mohammed Tsav discarded it and went into the main court to commence meeting.
It is now obvious that he did so, knowing that by 6 PM, the place will be dark, so that the non lawyers brought by him and his Sukale gang, will not be easily identified when they raise their hands for the purported impeachment vote to remove me as secretary of NBA Bwari, contrary to Section 14; that says it shall be by 2/3 of financial members in attendance.
Mohammed Tsav refused to verify those in attendance but proceeded, even when Pascal Jiwuaku, Esq read the Bye law provisions on the right procedures to follow.
Emboldened by the majority non lawyers Tsav and Co brought in, Tsav still continued in apparent show of force but I insisted that I be hung by due compliance of the provisions of the Bye Law.
Unknown to us, Mohammed Tsav had mobilized policemen and at his signal, Dan Shittu and Co, went to bring in the policemen.
Is it not interesting that Mohammed Tsav wrote NBA GS and withheld these vital information?
Well I have sued, Registered Trustees of NBA and Mohammed Tsav, have right to file a Counter Affidavit and not NBA General Secretary, writing me a letter with intent to intimidate, harass and force my hands. Suit No CV/1988/18 will run its full course.
©Ashimole Felix, Esq
Secretary, NBA Bwari.


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