My husband always rubs charm on his manhood before sex – Wife tells court

An Ile-Tuntun Customary Court in Ibadan, on Tuesday, dissolved the 18-year-old marriage between one Okanlawan Akinbile and wife, Folake, over deception and ritual making.

The plaintiff, Akinbile, who was a businessman, told the court that his wife was deceptive and disobedient.

He said, “I have always had the feeling that my marriage to Folake in 2000 would bring me rest of mind and joy, but I was wrong because disappointment has been the order of the day for me.

“Folake was doing fine until when she suddenly changed.

“She started leaving home in the morning and returning late in the night without any explanation.

“In fact, she stopped taking instructions from me.

“One day, Folake called me from her shop that a soothsayer told her that nobody must sleep in our house that night or there would be tragedy.

“I heeded the warning and no one slept in the house and she convinced me to take some of my property such as fan, DVD player, TV set and mattress for her comfort to her mother’s house where she went.

“I later found out that Folake had deceived me and that she had in fact packed away in style.

“Then, she started blackmailing me that I was intending to use her for money ritual.

“Not too long after, her brother who lived in Abidjan returned to Nigeria to settle the misunderstanding between us.

“I haven’t neglected any of my responsibility towards the children and her.

“Soon after, Folake started again and I cannot continue with that kind of lifestyle, I need rest of mind,” Okanlawan posited.

The respondent, who consented to the divorce, did not deny any of the allegations.

She, however, pointed out that her husband was diabolic and was nursing the intention of using her as a sacrificial lamb for money.

“My lord, it is true that I have been moving in and out of Okanlawan’s home and it is also true that I deceived him into believing that I mustn’t sleep in his house.

“I was just trying to escape to safety from the den of the lion, that is Okanlawan.

“He had made series of attempt to use me as a part of his money ritual object.

“In 2014 when I first packed out, I discovered that anytime Okanlawan wanted to have sexual intercourse with me, he rubs a certain charm made from black soap on his manhood and he would not give me any explanation for his action.

“Again, in December 2017, he presented a certain ring to me as my birthday gift and he directed me to always wear it.

“On the seventh day, Okanlawan confronted me that I haven’t worn the ring and he prostrated to me to wear it.

“When I saw these and many more, I became suspicious of his intention and I decided to pack out.

“Moreover, he has not been responsible in the provision of the welfare needs of the children and I,” Folake said.

Ruling on the matter, the President of the Court in Ibadan, Chief Henry Agbaje, dissolved the 18- year-old marriage.

Agbaje advised the parties to ensure proper upbringing of their children in spite of their separation.

“In the interest of peace and tranquility, the court has put an end to the union between Okanlawan and Folake.

“Folake is granted custody of the three children produced by the union while Okanlawan shall pay a monthly allowance of N10,000 for the children’s feeding,” he held.


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