My Humble Take On The Two Parallel Videos Of The IGP’s Speech In Kano By Chief Mike Ozekhome SAN

My take on the two parallel videos. I am not a film maker or video expert. I am not a politician. No membership of any political party. No meetings with any of them. I handle cases for the top echelon of the ruling APC party and the opposition PDP party. So, I will take my analysis from a strictly professional legal angle which can resonate with the judge and the court watchers if I were given the opportunity to put the IGP in the witness box for brutal cross examination on both videos. The readily discernable differences that he must clear to the satisfaction of the court:

1.The canopy in the offensive video (A),has the blue-yellow-blue decorations swaying visibly with the wind. The present corrective one (B),has mostly yellow-blue colour shown. Not swaying as much as A.

2.In A,the IGP reads from a prepared speech,placed on a raised object (obviously a table),with his big square wristwatch worn on his left hand with which he guides the lines on the prepared speech. In B,he speaks extempore and his left hand is not fully shown, let alone seeing a wristwatch on it at all.

3.The picture in A appears more blurred,with the spectators seen more as silliotte images. In B,the pictures are quite clear,the weather brighter and the people can easily be identified.

4.In A,about 5-6 blurred officers can be seen sitting behind the man in white danshiki, who has his right hand on his chin throughout the misfortune.

In B,only about 3 policemen are seen,this time,quite visible. The earlier blurred man with the danshiki is quite visible this time and looks straight into the camera, without his hand on his chin.

5.In A, the blurred picture of a man in suit, apparently his aid, is seen standing side by side with a uniformed personnel. In B, only the bright picture of apparently the same man is seen,tucking away an object in his suit pocket. The uniformed officer is not shown standing shoulder to shoulder with him.

6.In A,an aid wearing a suit without a tie and with a sky blue shirt is seen guiding and murmuring lines to an obviously disoriented, may be confused, IGP and guiding him through the lines. In B, he has simply vanished into thin air.

7.In A,the IGP looks at his prepared speech throughout, except briefly,When he said “sorry sir” twice. He appears audience-shy (may be stage fright,which can happen to any person, especially when your speech was written for u by your aids (normal,acceptable) and u had not had time to go through it before the event). In B,he never for once looked down at any paper at all. He was bold,confident and looked directly at his audience.

8.In A,between 4 and 6 white window hoods can be seen under the fluffy canopy decorations. In B,only the concrete perimeter fence behind is seen,with no window hoods showing at all. For God’s sake,this was purportedly the same ceremony. Whilst acknowledging ICT wizardry in greatly doctoring events, a calm view of A which I have carefully done, will see no jumps at all in the speech which ran throughout, except when his aid came to the stage to guide him. Public officers should not think we are all fools who can be taken for a cheap ” gangilova” ride. Some of us are quite discerning,critical and interrogating. This is one instance the IGP owes the Nigerian public an explanation,even if he refuses to honour Senate’s invitation under sections 5,60,62,88 and 89 of the 1999 Constitution and sections 4 and 5 of the Legislative Houses (Powers And Privileges) Act,Laws of the federation of Nigeria,2004.My humble take.

By Mike Ozekhome, SAN, OFR, PH.D


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