Jonathan Gunu Taidi: Roadmap To a Progressive Secretariat(Part 2)

1. I pledge to execute my duties effectively as provided for by the constitution of the NBA; this is my primary call-to-serve and with the mandate of Nigerian Lawyers, I will serve them selflessly.

2. I pledge to support the President and the entire executive to make sure that as a team our deliverables are tailored to the expectation of our members.

3. It is trite that the NBA in recent times has initiated and championed initiatives that have positioned the Association and her members to take advantages of more local and international opportunities, I intend to continue those reforms and reposition the Secretariat for effective and efficient service delivery.

4. One of the simple and clearly very important acts that will reposition the Secretariat is the establishment of a functional full service NBA website. We all live in a global village now, and access to any of the roles and responsibilities of our dear NBA can be easily accessed via the Internet. Our NBA website is the window where the world can view the Association and her website.
From that website, we would ease the mode of interaction with lawyers and the NBA by integrating a functional Payment Platform, and handle real-time communications with active social media and other online channels.

5. Being that the NBA is the “mother body” for most extended and independent lawyer groups, I will synergize with the young lawyers forum, International Federation of Female Lawyers FIDA, Law Officers Association of Nigeria (LOAN) and Nigerian Association of Law Teachers. This synergy would plug into the plan of increasing Capacity Building Options for lawyers in this association as well members of the Association in general.

6. My intention to run for the post of the secretary of the NBA is one that is borne out of service, and the strong belief that my skills, experience and wealth of knowledge would be brought to aid the Secretariat of the NBA be a more responsive one.

Jonathan Gunu Taidi


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