How John Aikpokpo-Martins secured jobs for Lawyers in Delta State through Proper Charges on Land Instruments Bill (Download Bill)

When JOHN AIKPOKPO-MARTINS became the Chairman of NBA Warri branch in 2014, he made a revolutionary contribution to the welfare of lawyer by making it statutory enforceable for lawyers to be properly renumerated with respect to the preparation of land instruments in Delta Stste. He personally drafted a bill to that effect, and assisted by lawyers in the Delta State House of Assembly, the bill was passed into law by the Delta State House of Assembly in 2016. The law is still incoate as the law as passed presently awaits the Governor’ assent to make it operative. Attached herewith is the draft bill as prepared by JOHN AIKPOKPO-MARTINS.

JOHN AIKPOKPO-MARTINS has promised that when elected as the 2nd vice president, that he will move the relevant authorities take another look at section 15 of the Legal Practitioners Act with a view of revising, reviewing and amending section 15 of the LPA with the principal aim of assisting lawyers to get better remunerated, and indeed collect the statutory prescribed fees for the preparation of land instruments, taking inspiration from the bill that was passed by the Delta State. The bill drafted and sponsored by JOHN AIKPOKPO-MARTINS and passed by the Delta State House of Assembly can also be fine-tuned and adapted for national application if practicable vide section 15 of the Legal Practitioners Act as shown hereunder;

“15.    (1)    There shall be a committee, to be called the Legal Practitioners Remuneration Committee, which shall consist of

(a)    the Attorney-General of the Federation, who shall be the chairman of the committee;

(b)    the Attorneys-General of the States; and

(c)    the president of the association and three other members of the association.

(2)    The quorum of the committee shall be three, of whom one shall be the chairman of the committee or some other member of the committee nominated by him to act as chairman of the committee on the occasion in question.

(3)    The committee shall have power to make orders regulating generally the charges of legal practitioners and, without prejudice to the generality of that power, any such order may include provision as to all or any of the following matters, that is to say-

(a)    the maximum charges which may be made in respect of any transaction or activity of a description specified by the order;

(b)    the ascertainment of the charges appropriate for any transaction or activity by reference to such considerations as may be so specified;

(c)    the taking by practitioners of security for the payment of their charges and the allowance of interest with respect to the security; and

(d)     agreements between practitioners and clients with respect to charges.

(4)    The committee shall not make an order under this section unless they have served a copy of the proposed order on the president of the association and have considered any representations in writing made to the committee by the association within the period of three months beginning with the date of service of the copy; and if the National Council of Ministers on any of the twenty days on which it sits next after the day on which an order under this section comes into force, resolves that the order be annulled it shall, except in relation to any thing previously done by virtue of the order, cease to have effect on the day next following the date of the resolution and be deemed never to have had effect.

(5)    Until the first order made in pursuance of this section comes into force, nothing in this section shall be construed as affecting the law in force in any part of Nigeria with respect to the remuneration of legal practitioners.”

JOHN AIKPOKPO-MARTINS seeks to bring solutions to the challenges in the legal profession with fresh and innovating ideas to solve such challenges. It is a fact that no lawyer can convenienyly boast of the ability to collect the statutory prescribed charges for the preparation of land instruments anywhere in Nigeria. If the law is reviewed with enforceable safeguards that will enable lawyers to collect the statutory prescribed charges for the preparation of land instruments, JOHN AIKPOKPO-MARTINS opine and rightly so, that there will not be a lawyer who would not be able to buy a car in 5 years post call, and build a house 10 years post call practice.



Passion powered by vision.


Download the bill below


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