In Defence of Kayode Bello by K.O Bayode


I was compelled to write this after reading the epistle of defence released by the Nigerian Law School on the expulsion of Kayode Bello from the citadel of knowledge.

The expulsion is now a subject of discourse among Lawyers; a popular faction of Lawyers call Kayode a foolish & stubborn person with past record of being a troublemaker; while an unpopular faction of Lawyers perceive him to be someone with zero tolerance for impunity,injustice,discrimination and oppression. I belong to the set of the latter Lawyers rather than the former. Even if Kayode is known to be a troublemaker,who says a troublemaker is barred from fairness & enforcement of his rights? These are inalienable rights bestowed upon both troublemaker and peacemaker in time of oppression!

In the course of this write up, I would be toeing an unprecedented path by defending Kayode Bello conducts solely from the official statement released by one Mr. Chinedu Ukekwe (Head of Information & Protocol) on behalf of Nigerian Law School on 26/06/2017.


Firstly,the statement states that the argument on the reservation of seat between Kayode & Miss. Chidinma ”nearly resulted to scuffle”. What comes to mind of an unbiased umpire is that the use of ‘nearly’ indicates that the argument did not result to scuffle, & yet Kayode was still judged to be the sole troublemaker by the ‘impartial’ Marshall of the lecture hall, despite the fact that there was no fact led that Mr. Kayode physically assaulted the lady involved in the argument.What a farce!


Secondly, Mr Kayode was issued query on the argument that ensued between him & the lady despite the intervention of the ‘impartial’ Marshall. It takes at least two persons to argue. For a disruption of lecture to be caused by   disagreement over seat,there must be at least two unwilling parties strongly standing firmly on their stance – which depicts Kayode & Chidinma. It shows that the disruption was caused by both Kayode & Chidinma’s stubborn stance to refuse the forfeiture of the seat to eachother – which attracted crowd & rowdiness. It’s now alarming why only one person was judged to be the the troublemaker by the ‘impartial judge’ on the matter!


Thirdly, on the unaddressed petition of Kayode Bello to the Director-General of the Nigerian Law School. Majority of Lawyers who are in support of the expulsion of Kayode Bello reteirates cliche of ”how would a student petition his school”. I believe the ignorance on the meaning of petiton is coming from the pit of hell! The pit of ignorance I beseech God to seal permanently, until it leaks no more! According to Black’s Law Dictionary(8th ed. 2004) pg. 3632. Petition is defined as:

”A formal written request presented to a Court or other official body”.

So what the fuss about petition? What’s the fuss about writing a formal written request to your school? If Gani Fawehinmi(of blessed memory) ,Femi Falana(S.A.N), Olisa Agbakoba(S.A.N), to mention but few, could petition and institute Court action against the Supreme Military Government or Federal Government,where did the immunity on the impartial hall Marshall,Director-General, & Council of Legal Education emanate? Pit of hell,I guess!


While concluding, it is important to note that the father of all evil emerged on the day Kayode Bello was solely issued query,without same issued on his counterpart. The rest action bred from such injustice.  Kayode has been nailed for protesting his rights,you can also pick your hammer & nail me to the cross for defending Kayode Bello.

This whole saga has generated a lot of controversy, to the extent that there is now another emerging faction of Lawyers, apart from the two factions earlier identifiend in this write up; I tag them the ‘fence-sitters’ faction. It consists of Lawyers conceeding that Kayode Bello had a rightful cause to protect his rights but the timing of his approach to enforce his rights is wrong. I distance myself from this emerging school of thought because I believe in the principle of being either right or wrong,not the half combination of right & wrong.

If Kayode was expelled on the ground of exhibiting conducts unbecoming of an aspirant to the bar,at least defending Kayode Bello is not a conduct unbecoming of a Legal Practitioner.

”The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein


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