Are Nba Forums Only For Nba Elections? by Philips Njeteneh

The NBA Constitution gave recognition to certain Forums (Eastern, Western, Northern etc) outside of other foras such as section on Business Law etc.

These forums to me are regional blocks with regional interests as against national interest. To these forums regional interest comes first before national interest.

It however keeps me rather confused when I can’t but fail to recognize that these groups only become activated and active during period and for election proposes.

These forums are made of branches and each branch have their statutory NEC representatives as well as co-opted NEC members. Under normal circumstances these forums with their army of NEC membership ought to influence decisions of NEC being the policy making organ of NBA.

In an NBA NEC populated by reps from these forums a President of NBA will sit on branches money and the forums cannot use it’s army of NEC members to right the wrong against branches, of what good is such a forum at that time of need?

In a country where so much is wrong and a strong voice of NBA is needed yet the ‘brave new bar’ is not up to the task yet these forums could not raise the dead bones of NBA through their armies of NEC Reps at NEC meetings.

When did these forums ever take a stand on any issues outside of election, lobbied other regions and pushed for these issues at NEC meeting?

I believe this regional arrangement does not encourage selection on merit but as NBA has chosen to recognize them, NBA should equally go further to recognize the forums in the financial inclusion by statutorily setting aside certain percentages of NBA funds to the forums so they don’t exist on electioneering patronage income funds only.


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